Ali Baba
Media Release – 16 March 2016

16 March 2016


TODAY Ali Baba’s CEO, Robert Marjan praised staff at the Liverpool store for their responsiveness in assisting a five-month old boy who sustained burns in the Westfield food court.

“The act of our Franchisee, Karl Talebi calling for assistance immediately, helped this family to exit the centre quickly and receive urgent medical treatment”, said Mr Marjan.

The praise comes in response to comments made on social media by the boy’s Father, Michael Sharpe, who has alleged that Ali Baba staff refused to provide water or any other assistance to his son.

The CEO has today released CCTV camera footage to show Mr Sharpe’s allegations are not true.

“We have made the decision to release video footage of Mr Talebi and staff assisting the boy and his family – in response to the false allegations made by Mr Sharpe”, he said.

The CCTV footage clearly shows staff providing water immediately. It also shows that Mr Talebi made two telephone calls for assistance and provided a cloth and burn cream to the family.

Mr Sharpe was not present when his son was burned and his family sought assistance.

“He wasn’t even there! Now he has turned to social media and convinced some people to boycott the store. We did everything we could to help his little boy”, said Mr Talebi.

Mr Talebi is deeply concerned for the well being of Mr Sharpe’s son and is hopeful he makes a full recovery.

“It is unfortunate that this incident has arisen. I can understand how distressing it can be when your child is hurt and perhaps this misunderstanding arose during the commotion”, he said.

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