Ali Baba
The Ali Baba Story

The Ali Baba story began well before the opening of the first store. Brothers Mick and Karl Marjan had been watching their family prepare mouth-watering Arabic cuisine for as long as they could remember. The exotic herbs and spices, tender grilled meats and delicious dips were always a cause for excitement amongst family and friends.

This got them thinking, surely everyone else would like it too?! With this the Ali Baba idea was born. The name came from the popular folklore tale,’ Ali Baba and the 40 thieves’, who was regarded as the Middle Eastern Robin Hood. The name, rich in culture, was catchy and attention seeking. They wanted everyone to notice them.

They opened their first store at Woden Plaza Shopping Centre, Canberra, Australia in 1979. It offered a combination of K’Bab™ and Wrap dine in or takeaway style food and within weeks of opening, the word had spread and customer queues were out the door. People were travelling many miles to enjoy the unique flavours on offer.

With their popularity growing faster than the store could make k’bab’s, they opened their second store in Belconnen, ACT. Since then they have spread the Ali Baba message of good quality, fresh food around Australia opening 45 stores across ACT, NSW, QLD and VIC.

They are still expanding, not wanting anyone to miss out on the delicious food. However, only those franchisees that hold the same passion for food as them will be considered. If you believe you have this passion click here to find out what opportunities are have available.